5 Pillars of support


When going through life we often focus on one specific area, at the expense of all the others.

You might focus all your attention on generating income meaning you forget about your partner/family. Or you might be good at financial management but in doing so you forget to enjoy and live life now!

When you’re in your 20s that could work (you probably spent most of it having fun!) but when you hit your 30s, more responsibility starts to creep in and the importance of all the pillars needing to be strong becomes more evident!

At Gen XY we built all our support and training around our







These are in no particular order as we believe all five need to be solid to give you a strong foundation to build a better life from.


Having a group of likeminded guys who understand each other is possibly the most important part of everything we do!

Whether it’s holding you accountable to take action on the steps you set out to become a better version of yourself, or it’s just simply to ask questions to guys who have already been (or are going on) the same journey as you, the support is something we know accelerate results.

We do this via a mixture of online and offline methods that allows us to build a worldwide community but also still have localised groups who can get together in person. We know it’s important to have both forms of contact and that’s why we have set things up the way we have.


This pillar covers everything from partners to parenting, family members to existing work colleagues. The journey you are about to go on will throw up challenges and questioning, often from those closest to us.

We also understand that a lot of guys have relationships which either might not be right for them or they need to work on them in a better way.

So often we hear about situations arising with partners, children, family members, friends which stop (or slow down) progress towards building a better life for themselves and the people around them. Not having them on board with the journey could (and most likely will) cause tension and stress which are not conducive to progress.

With our content on relationships we share stories of how these have affected our journeys, how we resolved these challenges and why life’s so much better now for it. We also work on communication skills, parenting tips & tricks and so much more.


Such a huge pillar for us here at the Gen XY Project both from an importance point of view but also from a volume of content point of view.

Our wellness pillar covers everything from fitness to nutrition, mindfulness to meditation and everything in between.

Whilst it seems obvious that we should look after ourselves, often it’s the pillar which is considered last! At best we start doing something, but rarely do we keep it going for long enough to become a part of our routines.

Within this pillar we ensure you not only have the information you need to live a healthier life (both body and mind) we also hold you accountable and offer the support you need via the community as well as the Gen XY team.


It’s rare that we meet anyone who hasn’t got some sort of financial goal. Whether it’s enough money to live a comfortable life day to day, or it’s to build a legacy for their children to enjoy there’s usually some sort of financial management that’s going to be required.

To have an effective financial plan you also need some means of generating more money to put into the financial plan. Whether this is a promotion at work, a side hustle or starting a new business you’re going to want to increase the money coming in so you can achieve your short, medium and long term goals.

We always start with managing what you’ve currently got coming in. If you can’t manage what you currently have then you’re not going to be able to manage more coming in! You might think that bringing more money in will solve your financial worries, but it won’t!

Once we’ve sorted out you current situation we can focus on the best way to increase that wealth and then consider options for investing for the short term (enjoying now) and long term (security of income in the future).


We’ve topped and tailed the 5 pillars with the most important pillars in our eyes.

You’ve got to have fun whilst building this better life for you and those around you.

There are going to be hurdles to overcome. Challenges you will face. Things you don’t want to do. But, if you’re having fun whilst you’re building your new life and have the right support and community around you, then those challenges become a lot easier to overcome.

We ensure that we host regular events, online and offline, which allows our community to let their hair down and have a laugh from time to time.

From virtual pub quizzes to fantasy sports leagues, in person activities to golf days we ensure that the process is fun and enjoyable, otherwise what’s the point?!

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