Mark spent most of his earlier years living abroad, learning early in life about the importance of having a supportive community around you.

After spending 9 years working up the corporate ladder he finally realised that he just wasn’t cut out for working for other people.

In 2014 Mark started his own real estate business before setting up Goliath Sourcing Academy in 2016 where he now teaches others how to get started in property investment and build their own businesses, enabling them to stop working on other people’s legacies and start building their own.

The journey however, was not an easy one! There were many bumps along the way which Mark had to deal with, alone! 

Mark needed help, he just didn’t know what help he needed at the time, which proved costly both emotionally and financially! 

He couldn’t afford coaching programmes which cost thousands (in fact, he didn’t really know which coaching programmes he needed). Was it personal development? Was it business coaching? Was it marketing? There just didn’t seem to be one place where he could educate himself on all the areas required to become a stronger version of himself, which also had a community for support as well as social interaction. 

So, in 2020 Mark decided to combine his passion for helping others with his own experiences to create the Gen XY Project, a training & support platform focused on helping guys, just like him, get through the challenges of life with education, support and community. 

Gen XY Project