All our training content (paid & free) is based around our 5 PILLARS – Community, Relationships, Wellness, Finance & Fun.  

We chose the 5 Pillars as we believe, in order to give yourself the best chance of living your best life, you must have strong foundations for all of them. 

When curating our content we make sure you are taken on a clear path from start to finish in order to get you results.

We start with the basics and then move you along, when you’re ready, ensuring you grow with each step you take. 

Whether you’re looking to get your finances in order or wanting to become healthier, we have training for you. 

In order to ensure our support is universally accessible we have created 3 levels – Free, Monthly Membership & 1:1 Coaching – so there should be something for everyone depending on where you’re currently at in your life. 


Too often we see people investing their hard earned money into training products but failing to get results. Some people refer to them as “course junkies”, but we know it’s because they’ve simply not received the right support to implement the training they have consumed. 

Accountability comes in various ways with Gen XY Project. Whether it’s our free Facebook Community or it’s 1:1 calls with your coach, we have ensured that there’s some form of accountability for everyone. You can learn everything in the world there is to know, but if you don’t apply it to some form of action, well what’s the point in learning it in the first place! 

A massive part of the Gen XY Project is Community hence why it is one of our 5 Pillars. 

When we talk about Community, we’re talking about friendships, support groups, a place where you can feel safe and have the ability to seek help when you need it. 

As part of the Community element of Gen XY Project we have regular online meetups where we can “hang out” and catch up with our peers, all sharing stories on our journeys to becoming better versions of ourselves. 

We also host regular events throughout the year via our FOUNDATION including black tie events, golf society outings and even family activity days where we can all come together face to face in addition to our online meetups.


We understand not everyone can afford to invest money into their personal development but that shouldn’t mean you can’t access some level of support. 

Here we share YouTube and podcast sessions as well as other content relating to our 5 PILLARS OF SUPPORT which you can find in the relevant UNITS section of the group. This content is designed to inspire you into moving forwards with any changes you may be looking to make in your life.



Our ALL ACCESS membership is an online platform offering training and support on our 5 PILLARS. 

Training is delivered within the members area via video & audio content with accompanying resources (incl. recipes, quizzes, diary plans etc) which are accessible 24/7, whenever you need them. We work with specialist coaches on all our core areas to ensure the training you receive is going to give you the best chance of getting results.

In addition to the online training you also gain access to a community of like minded guys, all on similar journeys, to hold each other accountable and support one another on the roller coaster ride of being a man. The community is separate to Facebook and includes specific channels depending on your area of focus which means you can build up an even stronger network of friends interested in the same areas of development as you. 

There are group calls held once a month where members have access to Gen XY Project coaches to help in any areas they find themselves stuck. If you’re just looking for the group calls then check out our SOCIAL MEMBERSHIP which could be ideal for you.

We wanted to create something that provided world class training & support at an affordable price to make it accessible to as many guys as possible.   



For those guys who are ready to take their lives to the next level we offer our Personal Development membership level.

Whether you want to live a more healthy lifestyle (fitness & nutrition), change your mindset or even just build a solid plan for building a better future for yourself, our 6-month programme is designed around helping you build the foundations required to take your life to the next level.

Through a combination of online training videos, homework assignments, regular accountability check ins and a ‘buddy’ system you will be given all the tools and resources you need to make positive changes in all aspects of your life. We’re also there to hold you accountable and make sure you’re taking the necessary action to get the results you want to achieve!

This is not for the faint hearted and we will need to speak with you before starting the programme to ensure we’re the right fit. The programme is about getting results for yourself which means 100% commitment is required. If you’re still interested, then register your interest below and we’ll be in touch.


Gen XY Project