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Online Events

Regular Video Calls

One thing we understand is that it’s not always easy to attend ‘in person’ networking events, especially when you have a young family and work full time! You may also find there just aren’t suitable networking events locally to you which either means a long drive there and back, or you just don’t go!

Our online events are designed to enable people from all over the world attend from the comfort of your own home. These video calls are an opportunity for a bunch of guys to catch up about what’s been going on in their lives and get any support they might want/need with any aspect of their lives.

Online Social Events

We also run various online social events for a bit of fun including online poker tournaments, pub quizzes and even fantasy sports leagues depending on what you’re interested in. Members also have an opportunity to start their own groups based on their own interests.

In Person Events


Whilst we are huge advocates of online meetings and the benefits of larger groups, we also understand that ‘in person’ meetups have their place.

Our offline meetings are location based and usually depend on a Gen XY member who is interested in starting a group in their own location.

Our offline meetups have a slight twist however, as we prefer to include some form of activity as part of the meetup rather than just meeting in a pub / restaurant. These activities are subject to local availability but include things like panic rooms, go karting, bowling, golf simulators etc.

The reason we include activities is because it’s an easy way to break the ice. There’s nothing worse sometimes than being new to a group and having to find someone to talk to! Having an activity means there’s an immediate connection and often, the conversation flows from there!

Organised Events

We also organise events throughout the year including golf days, paintballing trips, and family events such as park BBQs, zoo trips and similar. We believe including family is as important as having time to ourselves and so we ensure at least one family event a year is organised.

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