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Whether you’re looking for some moral support or you just fancy a catch up with friends to talk about “stuff”, a community of likeminded peers is a fantastic thing to be able to call upon when you need it.

One of the most important things the Gen XY Project wanted to build was a place where guys could come together on a regular basis and “hang out.”

The Facebook Group​

Having a group of likeminded guys who understand each other is possibly the most important part of everything we do!

Whether it’s holding you accountable to take action on the steps you set out to become a better version of yourself, or it’s just simply to ask questions to guys who have already been (or are going on) the same journey as you, the support is something we know accelerate results.

We do this via a mixture of online and offline methods that allows us to build a worldwide community but also still have localised groups who can get together in person. We know it’s important to have both forms of contact and that’s why we have set things up the way we have.

Members Only Community

Essentially, it’s a “Boys” club which brings together 30+ year-old guys to socialise, learn from each other and support each other on our journeys to becoming better versions of ourselves.

We know how difficult it can be to find a group of guys that understand what we’re going through sometimes. Life changes as we creep into our 30s and 40s and the friends, we have in our 20s maybe don’t make it on the journey with us into “maturity!”

What if there was a group who could support you when you needed it? A group who “get you!” A group which organised get togethers (online & offline), events, training, and support to keep you moving forward on your life’s journey!

Give us a try for 30 days with our DISCOVERY package, or just go for it and join our ALL ACCESS membership straight away, we’re pretty confident you’ll like what you see. 


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