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Importance of Your Partner When Building A Successful Business

Over the last few days, I’ve been having a lot of conversations with people about the Gen XY project, its purpose, and why we’ve set it up. Gen XY is for 30 to 45 year old guys who are looking to maybe start their own businesses and escape the nine to five. It’s all about supporting guys, not just on the business front, but everyday life as well.


I wanted to talk about the importance of family around you and the fact that not everyone is going to believe that setting up your own business is necessarily the right thing for you to do. But to at least have their support in the background is going to make life so much easier when it comes to things like decision making and probably most importantly, for when things go wrong. Because the reality is, things are going to go wrong. 


It’s how we cope when things go wrong and how we learn from those things when they go wrong that’s going to make or break us in terms of the success of our business. And quite often, we’ll get immersed in our own mindset, confidence, and abilities. 

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    Going back to the conversations I’ve been having, really makes me think about the support I personally have from my wife, Jill. She knows that I have an online business and that I’m very happy doing it, but she doesn’t really know the nuts and bolts of it. While Jill doesn’t have any idea as to what it is that I actually do, she is happy to support me on the journey I’m on. That has been an absolute godsend when it comes to me being able to sit here today and be able to talk to you about business and life from a very happy place, but it’s not always been that way. 


    There was a very dark phase in my own life, just after I’d set up Goliath, where I was so focused on it being successful that I got to the point where I believed I could be more successful without Jill and the kids. With no one around, I could drill down and focus instead of thinking about meals, pickups and drop offs, night times, or spending time with partners. I could just really knuckle down and drive my business forward so that whenever the business got to a point of being uber successful, I could then bring Jill and the kids back into my life and everything would be hunky dory. And that’s genuinely where my mindset was at that time. 


    At the time, that isn’t the clarity in which I could see things were going on. I was probably arguably a very nasty piece of work. I was always in a mood, always snappy, always very quick to pick up on issues around the house. I was always very quick to pick up on the negatives that were around me in life. Of course, we all know when you’re around someone like that, it naturally brings the mood of the environment that you’re in down to that level. It was a very dark few weeks, where I was determined to push Jill and the kids away so that I could have a clear road ahead of me to focus on the business.

    Instead, what it gave me was another thing that I had to think about on top of trying to build my business as best I could. It was a really horrible, dark distraction that was having a tenfold effect on my moods, my drive, and the way I was approaching everything in life. And of course I had pushed away the one person who was always supportive and I found myself in this very, very lonely place.


    Jill knows now that I value her support, because I talk to her about it. If I have a tough day at the office, I’m able to talk it out with Jill. We’re very open and we’ve got that relationship nailed down. 


    Is our relationship perfect? 


    Yes, it is, if Jill’s reading this.


    Of course, none of our relationships are perfect and we have fallouts but the beauty of it now is the respect I have for Jill and the support she has given me. I certainly feel that because of the strength of the relationship, I feel so much more focused and able to focus on my businesses because it allows me the headspace to not be thinking about stress at home.

    If you’re with your true life partner, there is no reason why we want to be pushing them away. We need them to be at our side because with them by our side, it allows us the headspace to drive forward on our plans to make your business and life a success. 


    If you are in a position where maybe you’re struggling at home, you think that your partner is driving you nuts with all the things that they do, just take a couple of steps back and look at the situation as it currently stands, Has it always been like that? Or has this happened from a point in time? Does that point in time, reflect something that maybe your attitudes have changed? Because that change, then, is potentially impacting your relationship. 


    Your partner might not even know why things have changed. As guys, we have a terrible habit of holding a lot of stuff inside. People can’t read us, one minute, we’re in a great mood, the next we’re totally in, I’m going to divorce/split up moods, and they can’t work out why. And you have to ask yourself, is it something that you can maybe look internally to resolve, and hopefully, repair that relationship? Because if you can get that support on your side, then trust me life will become a lot easier.

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